The Board of Directors provides strategic direction and leadership in organisational governance and has two broad purposes: ensuring compliance and performance. The Board of Directors bring a broad range of skills to their roles and share a passion for contributing to the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities across the Macedon Ranges and beyond.



  • Monitor Constitution
  • Comply with Director’s responsibilities
  • Comply with laws
  • Monitor insurance requirements


  • Monitor financials
  • Compliance audits


Strategy and policy

  • Approve vision/mission and ensure it is embedded into the organisation’s operations
  • Approve strategic plan and policies and monitor regularly


  • Overall performance of the organisation
  • Board evaluation, succession planning
  • Report outcomes to stakeholders
  • Manage CEO

Public Relations

  • Represent and participate
  • Keep stakeholders informed
  • Project a strong and positive image
  • Promote the vision
  • Facilitate cohesion
  • Protect the interests of stakeholders
  • Speak with one voice regarding Board decisions

Risk management

  • Ensure up-to-date and effective risk profile and management strategy
  • Monitor critical risks

The Constitution provides for a maximum of nine Directors and a minimum of five Directors (so that a quorum can be formed to transact business at meetings).

The Board consists only of non-executive independent Directors; no member of the Board may be a paid staff member of the organisation.  Directors are free from any interest and any business or other relationship which could, or reasonably be perceived to, materially interfere with the Director’s ability to act in the best interests of the organisation.   Membership of the Board is published on our website and directors are appointed at the Annual General Meeting.

The Board has not adopted a tenure policy, but according to the Constitution, each Director must be re-elected by the membership after three years on the Board.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Cobaw Board of Directors, please contact our Chief Executive Officer on 1300 026 229.