Your child might benefit from seeing a Speech Pathologist if they have speech and language issues including:

  • Difficultes being understood by other people
  • Difficulties understanding what people say
  • Levels of frustration due to the above
  • A husky voice that’s hard to hear
  • Stuttering

A Speech Pathologist can also help your child if they:

  • Need help with feeding – for example, if your baby has a cleft palate
  • Have problems swallowing
  • Have an intellectual disability and/or need help finding alternative ways to communicate
  • Suffer from a history of ear infections and you’re worried about their communication
  • Need help learning to read.

Our Speech Pathologist will screen / assess your child’s ability and then design a program that will help them develop the language skills they need.

During the assessment, the Speech Pathologist will:

  • Talk with you and your child about what they are experiencing trouble with
  • Ask you about your child’s development, including their medical history
  • Enquire whether anyone else in your family has speech or language difficulties
  • Look at how well your child understands instructions and questions
  • Listen to your child talking to get a good idea of the words and sounds your child uses.

You don’t need a GP referral to see a speech pathologist, however talking to your GP or Maternal Child Health Nurse could be a good place to start if you’re worried about your child’s health or development.

Interested in making an appointment?

If you have any concerns about your child’s communication skills, you can make an appointment for our weekly Speech Screening Clinic by calling 1300 0 26229.

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