Our Children’s Occupational Therapy team work closely with children and families to develop essential independent living skills.

Your child might benefit from Occupational Therapy if they:

  • Have difficulty with everyday activities like eating, dressing, or carrying out personal hygiene tasks like toileting
  • Struggle with school tasks e.g. sitting, concentrating, writing or drawing
  • Need help developing their imaginative or social play skills
  • Have problems with sensory processing – coping with sounds, noises, smells and tastes
  • Struggle with their emotions and how to show them appropriately
  • Experience challenges with elements of their behaviour.

Our qualified and highly experienced Occupational Therapists can help your child develop independent living skills in order to participate to the best of their ability in daily life. One way they achieve this is by assessing all areas of your child’s development including:

  • Thinking
  • Learning
  • Play
  • Sensory Processing
  • Gross motor, and
  • Fine motor skills.

They also explore your child’s natural environments, including physical or social barriers that can make their life difficult, and can suggest ways of improving or adapting these.

While you don’t need a referral from a GP, they can help you decide whether your child would benefit from seeing an Occupational Therapist.  Your GP can write a plan to enable you to receive a Medicare rebate for appointments.

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