childrens week 2014

Cobaw is a registered provider of Early Childhood Early intervention (ECEI) packages through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Families and children from birth to 8 years will be able to start accessing early intervention services with us from September this year.

Please call us if you have any questions about your NDIS planning and how we can support you to meet your goals. Ph: (03) 5421 1666

What is Early Childhood Intervention?

Cobaw’s Early Intervention services provide specialised support to children and families in the early years (from birth to 8 years). Support is provided by a Key Worker who works closely with each family in a child and family centered way. The key worker is supported in turn by a trans disciplinary team of experienced professionals from a range of specialist areas. For example special education, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, counseling, and behaviour support to ensure your child has a developmentally appropriate and structured intervention plan that develops their strengths and provides your family with ongoing support and guidance.

Our professionals are highly qualified and experienced, utilising evidence-based assessments and interventions. They are well supported and have access to quality resources, so they are equipped to meet you and your child’s needs. We live and work in our community so we have strong relationships with other services such as kindergartens and schools, and will support your child’s transition and inclusion in these universal services.

Therapies and services

The Children’s Services team work with parents and carers to set functional goals for each child. We offer a range of flexible therapies and services to ensure we get the best outcomes for every child. These may be provided at your home, via video conferencing, at childcare, kindergarten or other community settings such as the park, kinder gym or in a specialist setting. Cobaw also has a developmental behavioural Paediatrician who can support your child’s medical needs.

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