Centrelink & Medicare

Cobaw Community Health is an Agent for Centrelink and Medicare services. Cobaw provides free self-help facilities where customers can conduct their business with the Department including:

  • Providing information products, forms and brochures
  • Access to a telephone for Department related business
  • Access to the Department’s self-service products, for example, Internet for online service and automated telephone systems
  • Fax/photocopy facilities for customers to forward material to the Department or for other related uses, such as faxing a job resume
  • Accepting Centrelink claim forms and documentation required to be lodged
  • Medicare phone claiming capability and reply paid envelopes for customers to forward receipts to support claims
  • Responding to customer enquiries and providing assistance, guidance or referral as appropriate.

Cobaw reception staff can also sight and photocopy Proof of Identity documents for Centrelink (only) customers so that the customer does not have to send their original documents in the mail to support their claims.

Please note, however, that Cobaw staff members are not part of the Australian Government’s Department of Human Services and do not have the ability to perform the following functions:

  • Review, assess or amend your personal records relating to Centrelink or Medicare services
  • Make any payments or decisions about payments
  • Review, assess or vary payments
  • Issue Electronic Banking Transfers, Medicare Cards or Health Care cards.