Families in our region can be assured that the health care, information and services available for children from Cobaw Community Health are delivered by leading child health experts.

Cobaw has recently been accredited as a provider of Advanced Training, offering a Program of Excellence in Community Child Health, by the Royal Australian College of Physicians (RACP). The accreditation recognises Cobaw’s outstanding Paediatric program with learning objectives that are aligned closely with the RACP’s Physician Readiness for Expert Practice (PREP).

As an advanced training site, Cobaw will now offer positions to Paediatric Fellows or Paediatricians in training to spend up to 12 months working alongside Cobaw’s Paediatrician Dr Tristan Pawsey and within its multi-disciplinary child health services.

Cobaw’s Children’s Services program provides strong clinical and theoretical training in developmental-behavioural paediatrics, essential for Advanced Paediatric Trainees who plan to specialise in community child health or to work as consultant general Paediatricians.

Cobaw provides Advance Paediatric Trainees with a supportive learning environment where they will develop individual learning goals and work alongside other experienced child health practitioners with expertise in clinical practice, population child health research and health promotion.

Cobaw aims to ensure that all children and young people get the best start to life with health promotion, early identification, intervention and family-centred care. Cobaw offers a range of comprehensive children’s services including early childhood intervention for children with developmental delays or disabilities, children’s physiotherapy including aquatic therapy, speech pathology, occupational therapy and education support.

If you are concerned about your child’s development, you can talk to your maternal child health nurse, general practitioner (GP) or call Cobaw on (03) 5421 1666.


“As an accredited Program of Excellence in Community Child Health, we hope that the graduates of our program will progress to not only be expert developmental-behavioural Paediatricians, but also the next generation of community child health Paediatricians supporting regional communities” – Margaret McDonald, Cobaw CEO.

“We are proud of this accreditation as it fits directly with Cobaw’s mission to pursue excellence in health and wellbeing services for all in the community”- Margaret McDonald, Cobaw CEO.

“I’m thrilled to be able to provide support for the next generation of young paediatricians and encourage their interest in working in community paediatrics” – Dr Tristan Pawsey, Cobaw Paediatrician.

“All children are unique and develop at different rates. Some children need additional support to develop their skills and promote good health outcomes. Quality paediatric care can help families understand their child’s unique needs and receive the supports they need” – Dr Tristan Pawsey, Cobaw Paediatrician.

“Cobaw’s child development practitioners work in partnership with parents and families to meet the unique developmental needs of each child”- Dr Tristan Pawsey, Cobaw Paediatrician.