Cobaw Community Health Services Ltd was established in 1986 as an independent incorporated association identified within the Health Services Act 1988. After an extensive process undertaken by many community health centres across Victoria to redefine their legal status as charitable organisations, Cobaw became a company limited by guarantee under the Commonwealth’s Corporation Act in March 2009.

Since commencing, the number of staff and range of services offered have consistently increased. From an initial team of three offering one program, Cobaw now provides more than 20 different programs facilitated by over 100 staff, supported by an operating budget of $6.3 million.

An important aspect of Cobaw is its flexibility and energy to be innovative in its service provision to promote healthy lifestyles to the local community, and where appropriate to act collaboratively with other organisations to maximise service potential. Cobaw has embraced community health and wellbeing issues and has proved to have been a driving force locally for service innovation.